The Union Saga is the culmination of many years spent imagining, designing, and building a complex world filled with unique creatures, places, and events.

Take a look at the creative process that brought this series to life and explore the details beyond the pages.

The two slide shows below highlight the illustrations created for the final printed books as well as the conceptual design sketches used for writing the stories.

Appendix 1
Twin Earths and the Ending of the World.

In Catalyst, the idea is postulated that there exists a “sister” Earth, lying in a dimension outside of our own.  It is a concept not outside the confines of scientific possibility, given our understanding of the universe.  However, the creation of such a separation in both space and matter asserts, in this case, that there was a higher intelligence who orchestrated the creation and replication of this planet for a purposeful design.  The specific definition of who or what this intelligence is does not have relevance to the story at this time.  Additionally, the intended outcome of this creative endeavor will be explored in more detail over the course of later stories.  However, for the sake of introduction, the creator’s intent is stated to be the bringing forth of higher forms of life.  

Through a long and extensive process, the Creator organized the raw matter into a physical planet.  This foundational construction contained pivotal steps and iterative stages to ensure the ideal conditions for the sustaining of life.  In time, life began, and over the course of millions of years, it was nurtured and developed, such that countless species were created.  From this diverse global biome, the Creator realized the emergence of two extraordinary potentials.  The first propagated from the biological line of bipedal dinosaurs.  These creatures were highly intelligent and intrinsically social.  The long-term potential for sentient and advanced beings was certain and magnificent.  The familiar second line arose from mammalian decent and would eventually create the race of human beings.  However, upon the study of both potentials, it was undeniable that the advancement of the two lines were not compatible.  One would always overtake the other and prevent the two from coming into being.  Unwilling to lose the glorious potential of both, the earth was split dimensionally into two distinct worlds. 

On the world of men, we know the prehistoric record.  What was presumed to be an extinction event, marked the end of the dinosaurs on our planet and gave rise to the dominance of mammals.  Through a meticulous, orchestrated evolution, the human species came into being.  However, on the other Earth, the select lineage of the dinosaurs endured and evolved over countless generations into several races of sentient beings known generally as Dyers.

The term Dyer encompasses three distinct species.  The first evolved from the offshoots of the Troodontidae family of theropod dinosaurs from the late Cretaceous era, not found in our fossil record.  Known simply as Dyers, they are characterized as bipedal beings without wings.  The second evolved from the Unenlagiidae family; another lineage of primitively winged theropod dinosaurs originating from the Cretaceous era.  They evolved into Daeyers.  Daeyers are described as large flying beings, closely resembling dragons from human legend.  However, Daeyers have only wings and two legs, they are not quadrupedal.  The third species of dyers, known as Taempas, are not descended from any creature known by mankind.  It developed on landmasses which were taken amidst the division of the two worlds and all evidence of their existence was thereby lost.  More detail and background on this unique species will be provided in the last two books of this story.  

With this background covered, the Union Saga is not a story about the grand history and events of the dyer realm, though that will be covered in the third book.  Rather, it begins at the ending of their world, as well as ours.  The checkered history of mankind is well documented, studied, and taught.  However, the lessons of the past have not slowed the steady decline of the human species.  As populations rise and technology continually redefines life, the light and nobility of our race fails.  The entropy of our world builds to a critical mass and the Creator’s original purpose for elevated life slips away.  Once again, the precious potential must be salvaged through dramatic correction.

The human species required exposure to the conflicts of the dyers, for man had grown callous to the inherent powers of life.  The defining nature of light and dark had faded from human awareness.  Whereas in the dyer races, their internal powers were ever present and accessible, be them good or evil.  This potent dichotomy fostered terrible fractures within their societies and resulted in ongoing and all-encompassing wars that ravaged their world.  Without extreme correction, the race of Dyers would soon face extinction.

What the dyers had in tangible access to their spiritual power, they lacked in the purifying humility of love and faith.  These critical traits were perfected in the hearts of a small few amongst the human race.  The potential was there, though perilously small, that from the two propagations of life, a light would rise.  The great law of agency, endowed to all sentient beings, would now dictate the final definition of this new earth and all that remained upon it.  From this final conflict to achieve definition, there remained the smallest of hope for the divinity of life to be realized.  The outcome is documented in the pages of Union Saga.                  

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