The calamity and darkness of the terrible Union had passed, and from the refuge of the cave, Morgan, Andalynn, and her family emerged into a new amalgamated world.

Safety proved illusive as the threat of a new dark enemy rose against them. Enlisting the vile and bitter Eric Tennett, the will of evil hunted them as they set out to reach the sea, eight hundred miles to the west.

Across the vast landscapes, some familiar, others strange and fanciful, they journeyed day after day. With the aid of unexpected allies, and against monstrous foes, they persisted; buoyed by the strength of their kinship and love.

Yet, their first great test lay ahead; between them and their hope for a new home, stood Eric. Empowered by ultimate darkness, he led a formidable force of evil men and fierce winged beasts, he would stop at nothing to keep them from reaching the ocean and the refuge awaiting them.

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