Awakening (Coming Soon)

Awakening: The Union Saga Part Three

The tides of darkness are rising; so too the light awakens to oppose it.

The dark Enemy has chosen his proxy, the accursed harbinger of chaos.  Runihura, the vile warlord, is endowed with the full might of the immortal Enemy.  Invincible, and without conscience, he is unleashed upon the world to begin his brutal conquest of all life.

Meanwhile, Morgan and his company have at last been found by the dyers of Scherofet. The last leg of their journey begins, but the passage to their new home across the sea will not be an easy one.

Aware of their departure, the Enemy enlists an army of terrifying beasts, known as Rayolynx, to intercept them.  Isolated in the vast open ocean, an ambuscade lies in wait.  Though protected by the powerful Aequimorie, the maritime forces of the Scherowit, a massive aquatic battle is about to erupt.  The survival of all hope floats atop this besieged vessel. 

The final conflict to write the destiny of this new world is upon them.  Survival at sea is only the beginning.  From this battle, the ultimate source of light has awoken, but the Enemy has found it.  This burgeoning light is the only threat to his evil ambition and is now within his grasp.  With cruel malice, he exploits this knowledge and attacks at the heart of this meager resistance.  Faith will soon be met with grief.   

The blinding light of inescapable truth lays bare the horrors of their fate.  Can their tender hearts endure the heavy tolls to come, or will the shadow of loss and failure thwart her miraculous awakening?  Only the power of their love and the resolve of their will can decide the outcome.



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