Awakening (Coming Soon)

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The Union Saga: Part Three

The tides of darkness are rising; so too the light awakens to oppose it.

The dark enemy, Lurhob, begins to lay the groundwork for his final conquest of all life. He has chosen Runihura, the vile warlord, to be his proxy. Enhanced with the unimaginable power of the immortal enemy, Runihura begins his reign of terror.

Meanwhile, Morgan and his company, have at last been found by the dyers of Scherofet. The final leg of their journey begins, but the passage to their new home will not be an easy one.

Lurhob has enlisted an army of terrifying beasts to intercept them. The conflict to write the destiny of this new world is upon them, and their survival is everything. For the light that is awakening within them, makes clear the immense gravity of their fate.

Can their meager shoulders endure the heavy tolls to come and carry the hope of all, or will the odds prove insurmountable? Only the power of their love and the resolve of their will can decide the final outcome.