The Union Saga

The incredible story of Morgan and Andalynn.  

From their fated meeting in the halls of a small town High School in Colorado, to becoming the the most significant beings on Earth Finalem; the new amalgamated world created from the Union .  The final conflict to define this realm as one of darkness or of light was at hand, and the fate of all free beings, both human and dyer, rested on the shoulders of these two extraordinary people.    



Morgan’s story begins with a girl, not just any girl…. rather, THE girl.  That one true match who sparks a thermonuclear catalyst of heart, who redefines one’s soul so completely as to make possible deeds of extraordinary greatness.



The Union was complete; two worlds were now one.  Over a pieced together landscape, occupied by new and frightening dangers as well as unexpected allies, Morgan led his new family across the long and perilous journey to the sea.  Around them, the tides of darkness were rising.  Powerful and monstrous enemies now hunted them relentlessly.  The first test of their will lay ahead, between them and their hope for a new home somewhere beyond the western horizon.  


Book in progress, est. release early 2021





The term Luminade is rooted on the word Prominade; which is defined as a public space where one can go to be seen by others.  Similarly, Luminade publishing offers a place where readers can go to experience the Light  and all its epic tales of struggle and triumph.      



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